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Alexis Sanchez to move?

It’s been an indifferent month so far with four wins, three draws and just the one defeat to Manchester United at the start of December. With one more game to go this calendar year away to West Brom on Sunday,… (READ MORE)

Alexis Sanchez to sign new contract

Well it’s still not clear to me if he will or he won’t but can you see him actually staying yourself? Arsene Wenger was apparently in a good mood in his very early press-conference this morning, his first after the… (READ MORE)

Why are Arsenal called Arsenal?

“Well, if you don’t know that by now then…” Yes, that was my response, not once, not twice but three times in the past week. I couldn’t believe someone was asking me that, let alone three different people in the… (READ MORE)

Wenger in

Hello there and welcome to a new season of Premier League football with us here at Arsenal Highlights. Thanks for joining and let’s hope we can have a good and much improved season now that Wenger is in. That’s right… (READ MORE)

For Grenfell

Yesterday was the unofficial start of the top flight season with the Community Shield 2017 at Wembley between ourselves and Chelsea. Never has the Community (Charity) Shield meant so much with proceeds from the day to go to the community… (READ MORE)

Arsenal 2017/18 League fixtures

On Wednesday just gone our new fixtures were published by the Premier League. I’m sorry for the delay in updating them on to our site, I was away on holiday. Since getting back late last night though I have got… (READ MORE)

FA Cup Winners 2017

We all now know the answer but for those who don’t, I best give you the question first. Who’s won the most FA Cups? The answer is of course Arsenal Football Club after our third triumph in four years over… (READ MORE)

Three FA Cup Finals in four years

Sunday the 23rd April was a fantastically sunny day and we Arsenal Football Club were at Wembley once again in an FA Cup fixture. It wasn’t the FA Cup Final this time around but thanks to a great performance and… (READ MORE)