Alexis Sanchez to sign new contract

Well it’s still not clear to me if he will or he won’t but can you see him actually staying yourself? Arsene Wenger was apparently in a good mood in his very early press-conference this morning, his first after the international break and obviously ahead of Saturday’s game away to Watford. He kept the press waiting a little bit according to sources but was his very open as usual and looking to answer any questions put to him by the media, so will Alexis Sanchez leave sooner rather than later he was asked?

Wenger confirmed he’s motivated, there are no current issues, he’s putting the work-rate into training as usual and has been playing well, but he did also slightly open the door with the possibility of both Sanchez and Ozil going in January. Will they down tools though? Some will say Ozil already has but I can’t see it myself. Not Sanchez, from what I’ve heard he’s a brilliant trainer and loves putting the effort in. Of course there has been a few issues here and there but to me Sanchez always seem to try his best. Unfortunately though, whether he plays well or not there will still be enough clubs out there that will want pick him up if Wenger fully opens the door for him to go. With no deadline set either on when he needs to sign a new contract by, we could cut our losses and at least try to get some good money for him in January.

“He told me he’s focused to win the Premier League
and Europa League and ready to have a go.”

We shall see though, because since he’s come back into the team in the last few weeks he’s been our best player. Does he have anything to play for though? That shouldn’t matter when you pull on the Arsenal shirt, but we’re not daft, we know that does not always matter. What does he have to look forward to, he has no World Cup with Chile, no champions league, we probably have no chance of winning the league so the best he can hope for is his first European trophy in the Europa League. We have to be seen to be trying to win though, otherwise if we do go out of competitions then his body language will change, I’m sure of that.

If Jack Wilshere gets his Arsenal place back could he go to the World Cup?

Jack Wilshere on the other hand, has everything to now play for, it’s been an up and down few years with the regular injuries he’s had, as well as his loan spell with AFC Bournemouth. However he has a World Cup place to play for now because on his day England need him in my opinion and he could be key. Firstly though he needs to get involved and playing as a squad player initially for us and then hopefully find his way back into the team as a regular. If that happens and he finds his form once again then Southgate will have to have a look at him.

September 2017 Results

Saturday 9th September Premier League
Arsenal 3 – 0 AFC Bournemouth

Thursday 14th September Europa League (Group H)
Arsenal 3 – 1 FC Köln

Sunday 17th September Premier League
Chelsea 0 – 0 Arsenal

Wednesday 20th September EFL Cup 3rd Round
Arsenal 1 – 0 Doncaster Rovers

Monday 25th September Premier League
Arsenal 2 – 0 West Bromwich Albion

Thursday 28th September Europa League (Group H)
BATE Borisov 2 – 4 Arsenal

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