Arsenal are coasting

For the best part of 10 years – Arsenal Football Club in business terms have been coasting along, not doing too badly to make any drastic changes which typically means the manager gets fired!

Think about it from a business point of view. The board at Arsenal seem happy, or content some I should say, consistently finishing in a Champions League spot which then comes with a fortune of riches. Therefore with not being huge spenders and always makes a profit, Arsenal as a business is a profitable and good one.


After our disappointing 0-0 draw away at Leicester on Saturday

However, us the fans who spend the most on a season ticket than any other European Club expect more and why shouldn’t we? As in essence, we are the customers and if you don’t make your customers happy then irrespective of their loyalty, they may leave or seek an alternative ways to spend their money and time on week nights and weekends.

You can take Chelsea or Manchester United for example, they have had to have a trauma in their ranks to realise there was an issue. They then broke that consistent trance that the board at Arsenal have fallen into to make a dramatic change.

Therefore, because of this they made changes which means they will inevitably rise again. It sounds weird saying and writing this as an avid arsenal fan, but arsenal need to fall to rebuild again. Would it be that bad if we didn’t qualify for Europe next season? Maybe for the season ticket holders the following season and maybe a lack of money that European football brings yes, but think about the excitement of the following seasons ahead. Would the board finally wake up and think, hold up here, we need to sort this because at present we are just coasting along. As per the dictionary – the definition of coasting is “move easily without using power” and the example of this given in the dictionary too is “they were coasting down a long hill”.

Guest post by Vas Constanti – Season Ticket holder for 14 years and lives in north London

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