Breaking! New contract for Wenger

Well he deserves it after last night doesn’t it? He’s kept the team going with very regular and consistent away performances recently. That’s five of the last six Premier League away games we have conceded three goals, the last four of those games all loses. Surely he should now be rewarded with that new contract and just bloody sign it so we are all in the know before we renew our season tickets?

No? Of course not, there have been some massive lows this season but last night was pretty much the lowest it has got and that includes those two Champions League games against Munich. If a contract is out there somewhere all written up for Arsene to sign, it should be brought out and ripped up in front of him right now. I love the man to bits for what he has done and from where he took us, but he is now doing the same again, unfortunately it’s the opposite direction and there currently looks to be no way out of it. I get his loyalty and I get that he still thinks he can change it, that’s his fighting spirit and he’s not a quitter. Honestly Arsene, no one will see it like that now. Please pass over the reigns now so we can move on. That is now what is best for our great club.

More bad defending in the build up to their 2nd goal

Of course it might not be any better next season, nor the season after that and so on, but we need a new direction and we need it now. I’m not just talking on the pitch either, the whole club needs a change and a new path into the future.

As for the game last night, do I have to? How bad we were just made it easy for Palace, I’m not mocking their performance, they had a game plan from the off with their unchanged team and stuck to it. Saha and Benteke have found some new life in recent weeks and are back performing, that’s what we needed Arsene to do to some of our players but it’s too late now. Palace’s form against the so-called “top six” is woeful as well so how did we allow them to spank us like that. We have no chance of getting into the top four now and hopefully that will be a wake up call for the whole of the squad, management and of course the board.

Saying that, it’s still sad we talk like that, aiming for top four, it’s cringe worthy at times, why are we not aiming to be the top one? I don’t suppose having Martinez in-goal last night and Koscielny still missing helps with team confidence but you have to deal with that and step up. A major lack of experience at the back is always a worry of course, but at least if that is the case, make sure we have enough going forward to out score them. Some of Mustafi challenges this season are so bad and so badly timed, the one on Benteke last night and the way he just jumps in when there is absolutely no need. Clueless.

Gutless performance from every player

Okay, yes we had a couple of first half efforts but nothing troubled Hennessy in-goal really, we dominated the ball but did nothing. You could just tell Sam Allardyce had set them up like that as mentioned and they were prepared for us. Were we prepared for them though? Clearly not and they took advantage of that on the break with a high ball down field initially, which we decided to not even try to clear. The ball then fell to Townsend, he had a couple of touches as it came back to him twice, he then played it out wide. Our defenders all followed the ball and Townsend just wandered into the box unmarked again and tapped the ball over Martinez from Zaha’s cross.

It’s not always about putting a hard challenge in as such, it helps sometimes, but at least get tight to your man and close him down and try 100% to win the ball back and stop the opposition playing. I didn’t see any of that at all last night and when Palace did have the ball they knew they had time with it as we sat off. Giroud should have been playing from the start in my opinion, get the ball out wide and get the ball into the box. The passing football clearly didn’t work in the first half and we couldn’t break them down, but even if he had started I doubt it would have made any difference the final score of 3-0. As we still had no shots on target in a truly dreadful second half.

Our gutless performance was summed up by our captain for the night Theo Walcott, when he responded after the game by saying: I think they just wanted it more. You could tell they wanted it more. You could sense that from the kick-off.” Marvellous that isn’t it?

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