Shocking display against Watford

Going into this game on the back of that great win at Southampton our confidence must have been high. Of course, the Saints did play a lot of their second string but so did we, so why did hardly anyone get a place in the starting eleven for this game? Ten changes were made in total with only Mustafi keeping his place. We’re aware Walcott hasn’t played too much recently, but the guys just scored a hat-trick. Welbeck rested too after his two goals, I get why, but surely no harm in him being on the bench at least?

Watford have been in no form whatsoever recently and they only played on Sunday so had even less recover time than us, plus they had two new lads in their squad in Niang and Cleverley but from what I’ve seen have hit the ground running. We were without Wenger himself again cos of his ban, so Mr Bould was on the sidelines again, who knows what he actually does?

Even before Watford scored we just looked slow and lethargic with know energy at all. It was like we were out there having a training session, but knowing goals and a win would come easily. Watford had other ideas and although they didn’t go at full pelt themselves from the off, once they realised we were clearly not in mood they upped their game and went at us. Saying that they scored from a free kick that was deflected, but the whole set up of it was awful from Cech, who didn’t look ready along with our so called wall.

Terrible play from us to allow Deeney to make it 2-0

As for the second, no one was ready again, Capoue just picked the ball up on the half-way line after a poor throw-in from Gabriel. It didn’t help that Ramsey also mis-controlled the poor throw but Capoue still then had Mustafi to get past but he did that with ease. I think I was glad to see Ramsey go off not long after. If we’re playing well, he contributes and glides through games with slick passes and great movement but when we’re in need of battling he’s a no-show.

We looked scared of Troy Deeney all game as he battled for the ball up top and as much as it pains me to hear boos, I knew it was coming when the half ended. By the way, did Giroud play in the first half? Apparently so, as he was replaced by Walcott who at least tried to inject a bit of pace into the game as soon as he come on and he did actually get a couple of shots away on their goal. Not sure what was said at half-time, maybe nothing and the players just realised how bad they’d been and what they needed to change!

We did kick into life a little bit at least and a superb bit of work from Sanchez to find Iwobi who scored, then we had half hour to find an equaliser, maybe a winner? As it went on though, Watford had more chances too as we became more open chasing the second. We had to go for it of course, but it was too little too late and a shocking performance overall and I’m sure those Wenger lovers may now have second thoughts as to whether they still want him here?

I’ve said it before, I love Arsene and he is our greatest manager ever, he changed our team forever in the mid-nineties and we were a force to be reckoned with for 10 years. Sine then, which is now another 10 years, we have just plodded along. By the time Wenger does leave, his name is going to be marred and his legendary status amongst supporters will have gone. If that happens it will be a real real shame, but some will say he has brought it on himself. Next up though it’s an easy one, Chelsea away!!!

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