Three FA Cup Finals in four years

Sunday the 23rd April was a fantastically sunny day and we Arsenal Football Club were at Wembley once again in an FA Cup fixture. It wasn’t the FA Cup Final this time around but thanks to a great performance and victory it soon will be. Come on Arsenal. Yep, in exactly 26 days time on the 27th May, we will be walking out in the 136th final of the FA Cup at Wembley to face Chelsea Football Club. I’m guessing they may well have won the Premier League by then, so let’s just hope they have taken their foot of the gas when we come to play them.

We ourselves are still chasing a fourth spot finish to get into the Champions League next season, but we are really relying on others to slip up. Although if we can start a run now I can certainly see us winning most, if not all of our remaining games despite the defeat to Spurs.

Anyway, going back to last Sunday at Wembley, we started with a strange formation with a back three and two wing backs but it certainly paid off in the game as we started the game quite well and got at Manchester City. In fact we were very unlucky to not go one-nil up when Koscielny scored a great goal but the linesman gave it offside. It was probably was, it actually was but on some days that might have gone our way. Never mind we wouldn’t be denied. City have moaned in their post-match interviews about a few decisions on the day, but none were clear-cut in my opinion. surprisingly they didn’t seem to mention the penalty we should have had when Sanchez was brought down. Strange that.

Monreal made it 1-1 with twenty minutes to go

We did go behind though when to be fair the game was quite even. However, a very poor and high line from our defense was easily exposed in the second half. Ramsey lost the ball and within seconds City had broken free and Aquero had scored past Cech. Frustration was an under statement, even in his passing years Aquero still had the pace to keep the ball and run through from so far out and score.

With nineteen minutes to go up step our left-wing back Nacho Monreal to score just nine minutes after we went behind to make it 1-1. As we all know Monreal doesn’t score many, however if anyone can remember back you’ll know his last came in the FA Cup too. That time it was against Manchester United in the quarter-finals at Old Trafford. Can you remember who got the assist for the goal that day though? Well it was in fact the same person who got the assist last week, yes Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain with a right footed pass on both occasions.

Into extra-time it went, City had chances, we had chances but they certainly had the better ones. That doesn’t matter though unless you put your chances away and Alexis Sanchez did that towards the end of the first fifteen minutes when he stubbed it home from close range. We held on and we’re going back to Wembley as mentioned, at the end of May once again. Will it be a third FA Cup Final victory in four years? I reckon so, this trophy is ours and just like always we’ll end up having a better season than Spurs by winning something.

Sanchez celebrating his goal in the 101st minute which turned out to be the winner

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