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Hello there and welcome to a new season of Premier League football with us here at Arsenal Highlights. Thanks for joining and let’s hope we can have a good and much improved season now that Wenger is in. That’s right Wenger in, whether you’re happy about it or not the most important thing now is getting behind the team and supporting the club. After all that went on last season with protests and so on it has proved the Arsenal board were not interested and that they were still fully behind the manager.

As I said, you don’t have to like it but we as fans have to now get on with it I’m afraid, some of us didn’t help out our club last season and we became a joke to other fans throughout the whole season. Fair play to Wenger though to actually bring us a trophy in the FA Cup once again. That’s quite an achievement considering all that was going on. Of course we played some lesser teams in the early rounds but then we did go on to play and beat both Manchester City and Chelsea.

As some of you know, in previous seasons I have bet on us to win the league during the times when everyone is on a downer about our chances, because that is when you get the best odds. Then later when things are going well I cash out my bet at a profit. This season I have already done the same. Using the Sun Bets promo code, I got a free tenner and immediately lumped it on us to be champions. Not because I expect it to happen but because I know some point in the season I can make a profit. It’s worked before and I am confident it will again and that Sun Bets will be paying out.

Anyway, that is the past, on to the future and what we have coming up, starting with Leicester City this evening on Friday night football. That’s right, last month and just a couple of weeks after the football season had finished the Premier League published all of the team’s league fixtures for the new 2017/18 season. I’m guessing you have all seen them since, if not you can still find them by clicking here: Arsenal 2017/18 League fixtures.

Since then the TV bods at both SKY and BT have as usual been doing their schedules for the coming months and finally we have confirmed dates and kick off times for all of our forthcoming games this month as well as September. They can be found listed below. This page will be updated over the next few weeks to include the UEFA Europa League fixtures and any of course the start of our League Cup campaign. Can we keep the winning mentality going after our penalty victory last Sunday in the Community Shield against Chelsea and Wembley, I think we can.

11th August 2017 – home to Leicester at 19:45 on Sky Sports

19th August – Stoke City away at 17:45 on BT Sport

27th August – Liverpool away @ 16:00 on Sky Sports

9th September – home to Bournemouth @ 15:00

17th September – Chelsea away @ 13:30 on Sky Sports

25th September – home to West Brom @ 20:00 on Sky Sports

1st October – home to Brighton @ 12:00 on BT Sport

14th October – Watford away @ 17:30 on BT Sport

22nd October – Everton away @ 13:30 on Sky Sports

28th October – home to Swansea City @ 15:00

Throughout the rest of the season and hopefully at least twice a month we shall bring you our match reports, news, views and of course we shall not be holding back on our opinions. If you want to have yours then as always please get in touch via our contact form.

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