Why are Arsenal called Arsenal?

“Well, if you don’t know that by now then…” Yes, that was my response, not once, not twice but three times in the past week. I couldn’t believe someone was asking me that, let alone three different people in the space of a few days. I was obviously a little dump founded initially but then I went on to explain to them the basics. If you don’t know either, I’m sure you do, but if not then I thought I’d write it down for you below in this months blog:

Arsenal Football Club was formed way back in 1886 in Woolwich, south London by a group of factory workers and were originally first known as Dial Square. However, that was changed quite quickly to Royal Arsenal because the workers were from a munitions factory in that area of Woolwich. Fifteen years later the club were allowed to turn professional and changed its name again to Woolwich Arsenal.

Does that cover it for you? If not, you can find more information about Arsenal’s history on our club’s official site at www.arsenal.com/history

Enough of the history lesson. We have football to talk about and our season so far. We started well with a win on the Friday night football at home to Leicester scoring four goals. Conceding three goals however and looking all over the place at the back wasn’t great, however I ignored the performance and just put it down to be the opening day of the season.

Jese scored on his debut for Stoke City in our 1-0 defeat

However, the Stoke game, oh dear and do you know what I heard after the match? I heard that it was the highest amount of possession we’ve ever had in the Premier League in one game since the official stats on stuff like that have been kept. Best of it was, it was then obviously going to be a low position stat for Stoke, in fact it was their lowest ever and yet they still won. It just goes to show possession doesn’t always win games. Well, we all know that but what we also know is that if you do have the ball you have to be direct with it, then you may score and that is exactly what Stoke did. We gave it away on the half-way line and before we could get back in and try to win the ball back, their new signing Jese had driven forward and laid the ball off to Berahino. Jese then continued his direct run forward and he received the ball back from Berahino in a one two and from six yards out he slotted the ball home.

As for Liverpool at Anfield, well it was just a complete and total shambles. We had no fight, no spirit and it looked like no defense either! Liverpool were good but they weren’t outstanding as the scoreline suggests, we just made it so easy for them and I’ve seen some shocking performances over the last few years but that was right up there. I’d go as far as saying it was disgraceful last Sunday and I was ashamed that day. Only thing to come out of it was that it was early in the season and hopefully Wenger has got into the team and it’s sorted before we play again!

August 2017 results

Sunday 27th August Premier League
Liverpool 4 – 0 Arsenal

Saturday 19th August Premier League
Stoke City 1 – 0 Arsenal

Friday 11th August Premier League
Arsenal 4 – 3 Leicester City

Sunday 6th August FA Community Shield
Arsenal 1 1 Chelsea AET
Arsenal win 4-1 on penalties.July 2017

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